Vintage Christmas Party

vintage christmas

Remember your childhood Christmases with a Vintage Christmas party.  This is a great party theme to celebrate togetherness with the family during the holidays.

As with most themes, you can use pretty much any color scheme with this party idea, or even use no scheme at all. 

The idea here is to incorporate all the stuff that was used in your childhood home to get ready for this Christmas party.

Vintage Invitations

vintage christmas

You can find tons of vintage holiday images online to add to your invitations.  

Better yet, if this is a family gathering, try to find an old-school holiday picture of the whole family to add to the invitation.

On your invitations, ask your guests to bring a childhood photo of themselves (preferably from Christmastime) to be used in making a scrapbook.  This is an excellent keepsake for families.

Vintage Christmas Decorations

Vintage Christmas Decorations

The best decorations are ones that were actually used during your childhood.  So if you have some stored away, go through what you have and find creative ways to use them around the house.

Aside from traditional holiday decorations, you can also display toys and board games from your childhood. 

This is a great way to create a nostalgic party scene.

vintage party

Don't forget, back then things were very basic. There wasn't a lot of money to spend on decorations so most of them were hand made. Stringing popcorn and making paper chains were very popular back then. You can add them to your Christmas tree or just string them around the house.

Get all of your guests involved in decorating the Christmas tree.  Tell everyone to bring any kind of ornament that reminiscent of their childhood. 

One of your Vintage party ideas can be a tree decorating activity.  And remember to take a picture of the tree if you are going to make a scrapbook.

Food/Buffet Table Ideas

As with everything else, go back to your childhood.  Make this party a potluck event, and ask the guests to bring one of their favorite dishes from childhood holiday dinners.

See if you can find a vintage holiday tablecloth for your food table.  Or just use the traditional red and green colors. Try and find some vintage plates and bowl sets to really set the mood.

However you decide to decorate your home, remember to keep it as basic as possible.

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