Christmas Party Invitations

Do you need ideas for your Christmas party invitations?  You can buy invitations that can be customized any way you want, or create your own templates from scratch.

Your invites should tie into your theme somehow.  The best way to accomplish this is to use similar colors that you plan to use for decorations, or use images related to your theme. 

For instance, if you're having a white Christmas party, then your invitation might include a snow scene, or maybe an embossed snowflake.

If you want to buy your invitations, you can get a lot for your money at local department store, in the stationary department.  Some store bought cards are already completely printed, and all you have to do is add your personal information.

Other store bought cards are completely blank, and are designed for you to print on them yourself with a home printer.  These types of cards come with complete instructions for printing your cards, and come equipped with a few test sheets as well.

Buying invitations is a great time saver.  But if you make your own invites from scratch, you can control every aspect of the design.  The best place to start is to start with any items you may already have.  Add some of your own holiday pictures, or use some old holiday cards and play around with the design.

If you still need more images, search online for free photos and clip art.  Microsoft clipart has a ton of free images and templates for public use.  Once you get the images you need, use Microsoft Office or a similar program to create your template.

Below are some free, pre-designed templates to get you started.  For any of the templates below, the images can be replaced with your own.

Printable Christmas Party Invitations

For printing instructions, click on the template you want to use.

These templates are good starters. Adding your own spin to these invitations will have your guests counting the days until your party starts.

Make sure to include whatever theme you are having for your party, if there is a theme. This will get your guests thinking about what to wear and what to bring.

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