Tasty Christmas Recipes

Use these Christmas recipes to create a tasty menu for your holiday parties.  Nothing tops of a fun celebration like good and filling food. 

Here are some great selection of recipes for appetizers, to dinner, to desserts.

If you have a traditional recipe that you use every year, contact me and I will add it for everyone to enjoy.

Scrumptious Christmas Recipes

Appetizer Recipes

Christmas Appetizer Recipes

Christmas appetizer recipes are perfect for a laid-back and informal holiday celebration. 

Using finger foods is a great way to give your guests a lot of variety, and still have food that will be filling for tummies and souls.

Recipes for Christmas Dinner

Here you'll find a nice variety of recipes for your Christmas dinner. 

Stick with the traditional dinner, which included a turkey or ham with all the fixings, including dessert, or get creative and try something new.

Christmas Cookies Recipes

Christmas cookies have been around for so many years. These recipes are traditional cookies recipes to inspire you.

Cookies can be served as part of your holiday spread, and the kids can leave some out for Santa.

More Christmas Dessert Recipes

More Christmas Dessert Recipes

Use these dessert recipes to add tasty cakes, pies and cookies to your holiday dinner table. 

Nothing tops off a great holiday meal like something sweet.

Here's a few tips for your Christmas party food:

If cooking is not one of your favorite tasks, find creative ways to make it fun.  Get the whole family involved and have a cooking party, and all of you can sample the goods before you serve them to your party guests.

Make sure you serve recipes that are somewhat related to your party theme.  For instance, if you're having a cocktail Christmas party, then serve all appetizers and desserts.  On the other hand, if your party is going to be more formal, choose recipes from the dinner section.

Having more than enough food is definitely better than running out in the middle of your party.  If you end up having a lot of leftovers, offer "to go" packages for your guests.

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