Christmas Party Games

Entertain your guests with fun Christmas party games. 

Below is a list of fun games for both kids and adults. Use a variety of action games (which are great for kids) and board/writing games. 

  • Unwrap the Christmas gift

Everyone should be seated in a circle.  Take any gift (which will also be the prize for this party, and wrap it in multiple layers of wrapping paper.  Each time the gift is passed to someone, that person will take off one layer of paper.  Whichever guest removes the last layer and reveals the gift will get to keep it.

  • What's in the stocking?

Put a few small trinkets in a Christmas stocking, and try to lay them out as flat as possible.  Cover the opening of the stocking with something like tissue paper, so that no one can see inside.  Pass the stocking around to everyone and see if they can guess what's in the stocking by feeling it.  They should write their answers down.  Whoever guesses the most items can keep the stocking and the little gifts inside.

  • Pin the nose on Rudolph

Action Christmas party games are perfect for kids.  This is a great holiday action game, which is a variation of the classic "pin the tail on the donkey" game.  You can buy this game at any party store.  Complete instructions will be included, but it's pretty much self explanatory.  The object of the game is try to properly place Rudolph's nose on his face while blindfolded.

  • Santa's Reindeer scavenger hunt

This is a great game for kids.  Buy 8 plush reindeer and hide them around the room.  See who can find the most.  As an added bonus, use a Rudolph toy as well, and give a bonus prize to whoever finds it.

  • How many gifts under the tree?

This one is simple, but you will be surprised at how off some of the answers will be!  See who can guess how many gifts are under your tree.  If no one guesses the exact number, use the guess that's closest to that number, and give that person a prize.

  • Christmas Karaoke

Here's another one of the classic Christmas party games that never gets old.  See who knows all the words to some of the classic holiday tunes.  Turn this into a creative game by encouraging the guests to get into groups and make a mini concert for everyone.  Anyone who is not participating in the game can judge.

More Christmas Party Games

  •          Are you ready for Christmas?
  • For this game, have a bunch of small, inexpensive party favors on hand, like chocolates or candy canes.  Ask your guests a list of questions to see if they're ready for the holidays.  Here are some examples:

    1. Did you put up your Christmas tree?
    2. Are you done with your gift shopping?
    3. Did you shop for Christmas Dinner?

    Each time anyone answers "yes" to any of your questions, they get a favor. To make it more interesting, give some questions more "points" than others.  For example, putting up a tree can be worth 5 favors, and shopping for dinner can be worth 2.

    • Christmas Movie Charades

    Let the guests act out popular Christmas movie scenes, and see how well they do by how quickly everyone can guess the movie. 

    • Siamese gift wrapping

    This is one of the best Christmas party games out there.  People will play in pairs for this game. 

    One person from each team will be using only their left hand, and the other person will use only the right hand (or to make it more interesting, let each person use their left hand if they are right handed, and the right hand if they are left handed). 

    The pair has to wrap a gift together, but using only the free hand.  The other hand has to stay put behind their backs.  They have to do everything from cutting the wrapping paper to taping it together. 

    Printable Christmas Games

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