Silver and Gold Christmas Party

Silver and Gold Christmas Party

A Silver and Gold Christmas Party is meant to be beautiful, elegant and fun.  It's so easy to incorporate these to colors into every aspect of your party, without spending a lot of money.

Obviously, your two main colors will be the classic silver and gold.  But feel free to add splashes of color throughout.  Red, green and white will mesh well with this theme.

Silver and Gold Invitations

Using a decorated Christmas tree, or images of ornaments will be the perfect start to making your invitations. 

To make the images stand out even more, use a black background with silver and gold writing. 

Using a white background can be eye appealing too.  These colors over white will make your invitations look like a sparkling snow scene.

If you want to add splashes of color to your party, ask your guests, on the invitation, to wear another color, such as red or green, with some sort of silver and/or gold mixed in. 

Another option is to give out shiny costume Christmas necklaces and/or bracelets for the guests to wear at the party.

Silver and Gold Christmas Party Decor

To decorate the room for your silver and gold party, make some handmade ornaments from cardboard paper and coat them in glitter.  These can be hung from the ceiling, and bigger ones can be used on tables, and even corners of the floor.  Any extras can be hung on your Christmas tree.

silver and gold decor

String white lights throughout the room to help add some sparkle.  If you have the space, create small winter snow scenes throughout the room, using fake snow, artificial snowflake, and mini trees.

For your big Christmas tree, use lots of shiny silver and gold ornaments and garlands, and a shiny tree skirt.  Also top the tree with another shiny element.  More things shiny in the room, the better!

Food/Buffet Table Ideas

Silver and gold confetti can be sprinkled on your food table, along with some of the tree ornaments.  Take some beaded tree garlands and hang them from the table and the back of your chairs.

If you have other tables throughout the room, make some floating candle centerpieces, using clear glass bowls and silver and gold candles.  Surround the bowls with a shiny piece o fabric.  Attach a big shiny bow to the back of your chairs.

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