Naughty or Nice Christmas Party

naughty or nice Christmas party

Make a list and check it twice...throwing a naughty or nice Christmas party can be a lot of fun.

This theme idea can be family friendly, depending on how you set it up.  But this party idea is usually used for an adult only get-together.

You can use practically any color scheme for this theme idea.  Stick with the traditional Christmas colors, or experiment with colors like red and black.

Christmas Invites

Santa's List

Use some creative wording for naughty or nice Christmas party invitations. 

Here's an example you can use to start your invites:

  • "Gonna find out whose Naughty or Nice..."
  • "Have you been naughty or nice this year?"
  • "We heard you were naughty this year, but you're still invited!"

For your images, you can find tons of holiday pictures that fit this theme idea.  Most people associate naughty and nice with Santa going over his list.  So use that type of image for your invites.

Let's say you're using a red and black color scheme for this party.  Encourage your guests on the invitations to wear those 2 colors.  Let them know that wearing one of those colors means they've been naughty, and wearing the other color means they've been nice.

Naughty or Nice Christmas Party Decor

Make up lots of signs to hang around the room.  For whatever color you will associate with being naughty, use that color for the background of the sign.  You can use those signs to create "naughty" and "nice" hot spots throughout the room. 

Get creative and make hanging ornaments for your signs instead of pieces of paper.

Fill the room with gift box displays, using the same colors as the rest of your decorations.  You can also use candles, garlands, stockings, big bows, and whatever else you can think of.

For the tree, you can actually buy ornaments that say "naughty" and "nice" on them.  Fill the tree with those, and put some more gift box displays under the tree.

Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

christmas table decoration ideas

Do whatever you can to make your food match your decorations too.  For instance, if you're using red and green, use lots of red in your desserts, or serve your food on red and green tableware.

Create a dessert buffet table, and call it the "naughty" table.  Also, serve up some cocktails for your guests, and categorize them into "naughty" and "nice" drinks.

If you want to give out party favors, you can take red gift boxes with black bows, and black boxes with red bows, and fill them with chocolates.  Put "naughty" and "nice" signs on all the boxes, but make sure the colors are the same for each category.

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