Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Homemade Christmas gift ideas add such a unique personal touch to your holiday presents. 

They are fun and easy to make, and creating presents at home is a perfect option for those who don't wan to spend time in the crowded stores.

Here's a list of creative ideas:

Christmas gift baskets - This is the perfect way to add variety to your present.  Get a nice sized holiday basket from any arts and craft store.  Fill the basket with all sorts of goodies like coffee, tea and hot chocolate, microwave popcorn and chocolates.  You can also have a theme associated with your basket, such as movie night, cozy and cuddly, or beauty makeover.

Cakes and cookies - If you like to bake, why not use your passion to create a gift?  Bake some holiday cookies and store them in a holiday tin.  Or, bake a cake or pie and include your homemade recipe with it.

Recipe book - Print out or hand write all of your favorite recipes.  Hole punch all the papers and bind them with red and green ribbon.

Knitted scarf - If you know how to knit, make a warm and cozy scarf that someone can use for the winter season.

Create a memory jar - Take an old fashioned glass jar and fill it with lots of nostalgic family pictures.

Personalized gift certificates - You can create gift certificates on your home computer.  The certificates can be for anything from babysitting to maid services.  The recipient just has to let you know when he/she wants to redeem them.

Make your own greeting cards - You can use simple programs like MS Word, or more advanced ones like PrintMaster to make custom greeting cards from your home computer.  You can control the entire design of the card, and it's completely free.

Popcorn tins - Take a plain tin can and fill it popcorn.  Hand paint the tin, or add holiday stickers.  Secure it with holiday ribbon.

Make gift card holders - All you have to do is take any small piece of fabric and cut it into two small pieces.  Each piece should be a little wider and about 1 inch taller than the size of the gift card.  Take a knitters needle and some thin yarn to sew the pieces together.  Insert the gift card, and secure it with ribbon.  Tie a small candy cane or plastic tree ornament into the ribbon.

Gift wrap coasters - Take a set of coasters and cover them with Christmas gift wrap.  Just place the coaster on top of the paper (bottom side of the paper, and cut along the edges.  Use a glue stick to apply it.

Wreath card holder - Take an artificial wreath and wrap it in a thick fabric.  Use tape or thumbtacks to attach cards to the wreath.

homemade Christmas gift ideas

Tips for Your Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

*Choose a project that's not too challenging for you.  If you love to be in the kitchen, then any edible homemade gift should be easy for you. 

*Make sure your gifts are gender appropriate.  Most of the ideas on this list are suitable for men and women, but make sure you use certain colors for your wrapping paper and gift bags.

*Make sure you give yourself enough time for your homemade Christmas gift ideas.  If you are planning to try something a little more challenging, do not start your project at the last minute.

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